About Lew and Hot Rods by Lew

Eric Lewis, a.k.a. "Lew", began his love affair with cars and trucks at age 12 with the purchase of his first car, a 1972 Chevy Vega (I know, the ignorance of youth!). It was at that point that cars would always be a part of his life.
Enrolling in Basic, Advanced, and ROP Auto in High School honed his skills in auto repair. Buying, repairing or repainting cars and trucks became Lew's hobby of choice, which also established his reputation as an auto restorer. Working at various autobody shops in Solano County help further develop his skill as an autobody technician. Working as a painter and a paint shop supervisor at two local fab shops also complimented his painting abilities. But painting steel structures and BART trains just did not give Lew the satisfaction he wanted. When the last employer, J.R. Schneider Company closed in 2003, Lew decided to see if his years of side work could pay off as a full-time business. What helped enormously was the fact that most autobody shops don't restore classic cars anymore; it's not as lucrative as collision/insurance work. While this is true, I gave it a good shot for several years, but it is hard work and I was not getting any younger. I have closed my shop and I am now working for a bodyshop in Fairfield that does classic cars restoration as well as insurance work. If you are interested in bringing your car to the shop I work at, please let me know via email on the Contact page!